Tailoring Metabolomics 


Custom made Phenomics and Metabolomics

In the Medical Delta Fieldlab Phenomix, companies, healthcare institutions, and scientists work together on practical applications of 'metabolomics' research.

Together, we look into how measuring metabolism can accelerate drug research, improve healthcare, and more.

By measuring metabolites such as amino acids, hormones, glucose, or adrenaline, a good picture of a person's current health is created. With such so-called 'metabolic profiles' doctors can, for example, make earlier diagnoses or create personal treatment and prevention plans.

One of our goals is that every person in the Netherlands can request a metabolic profile when he or she needs it.

In metabolomics, scientists study the unique chemical fingerprints that specific metabolic processes leave behind in our bodies. This kind of knowledge can help the healthcare sector focus more on prevention or early treatment as a whole. Metabolomics can also play a major role in the agricultural and food industry. The new field lab offers scientists an open and innovative setting to tackle projects in healthcare and business.

Translation to market, healthcare and society

Internationally recognized scientists from Leiden University and Erasmus MC, as well as from companies and healthcare institutions in the Medical Delta and beyond, work together to translate metabolomics research results into practical applications in healthcare, new businesses, and society. This gives the field lab the potential to become an international 'hotspot' for the application of metabolomics. The ambition for the fieldlab is to further boost the establishment of companies from the pharmaceutical sector, agricultural sector, and the food industry and thus accelerate the realization of a metabolomics ecosystem. 

The scientists who work together in the field lab come from different disciplines. The field lab is thus building on the scientific program 'METABOLDELTA' of Medical Delta, and other national and international projects and initiatives (Shall we here add a link to projects, and have for that a site?). Leiden University and Erasmus MC participate in the field lab together with various companies from the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. It is located at the Leiden Bio Science Park and is set up with an EFRO (Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling) subsidy. InnovationQuarter and Medical Delta, among others, are involved in the set-up and expansion of the field lab.